From BIG...

Our CRAZY DANCE ride is as if the Teacup, Scrambler, Tilt-A-Whirl, Octopus rides, and a Night Club, together all had an evil baby!  Watch this video, but WARNING: watching this video may cause an Adrenalin Rush and happiness... small

Check out this great video of out new Flying Fish!  Pick a favorite color, buckle up, and fly with your friends. You'll have your little people smiling, giggling and giving out high-5's in no time!

Amusement Rides!!!!

9D VR Games & Rides

Flying Car Disco

An 8 seat spinning-swinging car ride sure to tickle the tummy's of your 2-10yr old kiddos and make them grin ear to ear!

The Orbitron

Both a 4-seat, and a single rider Gyroscopes! Get dizzy and tossed around inside 3 spinning rings of torturing fun with your best friends!  ...just maybe don't eat beforehand? Just a thought...


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After opening, these passes will sell for $35 each, but you're smart, and you like to save money, and be the coolest hero of the day! Buy as many as you want for only $15 and let the fun and the gifting begin!*   

Passes will be delivered via email with special serial numbers. If you loose them, don't worry. We got you covered!

*Full Refunds available minus any processing fees.