9-D VR Rides and Games

3GLASSES newest product on the market with dual 2000k screens, built in cameras, sensors and an immersive surround sound experience in our world class 9-D motion seat!  What does 9-D even mean? Continue on to learn more! 

See it Feel it, Experience it!

Leave your quarters at home! They're probably dirty anyways! Besides, everything is included...

  • 9! Count em'! 9D Virtual Reality! With games, roller-coaster rides, competitions, jet pack rides, adventures big & small, fun & friendly to down right scary!
  • On games, grab the two joystick controllers and get ready to race and blast your way to the finish line! Feel the wind on your face! The bumps on the track! If something sneaks up behind you and pokes your back, you feel that too! Did something just sneak or crawl by your feet?!?! If you felt it flick across your legs it did! 
  • Its too real!


All Day Passes!


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

After opening, these passes will sell for $35 each, but you're smart, and you like to save money, and be the coolest hero of the day! Buy as many as you want for only $15 and let the fun and the gifting begin!*   

Passes will be delivered via email with special serial numbers. If you loose them, don't worry. We got you covered!

*Full Refunds available minus any processing fees.